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Below are some of the numerous families I have helped recently, if you have any questions regarding my packages, please contact me

Mrs C-J 2023

Tami has been amazing! Our 18 month old has never been the best sleeper and always fed to sleep. After an illness we found ourselves in the spare room and bedtime taking anything between 30 minutes - 2 hours, with regular night wakings which could last up to 2 hours. Tami's gentle approach is exactly what we wanted and she spent time getting to know us as a family, tailoring her support and sleep plan to what we as a family needed. Right from the beginning it has been a success, no more feeding to sleep and no more spare room. Our son now settles in his cot within 15 -20 minutes and generally sleeps through the night. If he does wake, he settles again very quickly with one of us going into his room. Thank you Tami!

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