Mrs M 2020

I cannot thank Tami enough. When we started we were sleep deprived and at the end of our tethers. Barney was waking up around 13 times a night and spent all night in our bed. 3 weeks on and we are down to 5 wake ups and him finally sleeping in his cot. Before I chatted with Tami I was worried she would recommend cry it out but her recommendations were far from that. We have just made a few small changes and it's had a massive impact. It has all been done over phone and email so location doesn't matter. She's been so supportive and is very quick to reply to messages or queries. I cannot recommend her enough she has given us back our sanity.

Mrs Y 2020

Would definitely recommend 'The Baby Days'. We were given lots of great advice on how to get our son to settle into a better routine. We never used to have an evening to relax as our son would be up until crazy hours of the morning, now we get to enjoy some 'us time' now he's settling down earlier.

Mrs W.S 2020
Our baby hit the four month sleep regression hard and was waking every hour for a lot of the night. We were all exhausted but Tami had great advice for us after just the initial consultation and even from the first night on Tami's plan there was a huge improvement. Over a week on and we have been having nearly a full night's sleep every night since!
Ms J 2020

Tami, I really appreciate all your help over the last 2 weeks. The difference is amazing! 

Everything I tried prior to starting this, ended up failing! I was at my wits end! 

But I have a happier toddler now, who eats and sleeps so well, and most of all, the co-sleeping habit is broken! 

Thank you so much! 

Mrs D 2020
Tami was a wonderful postnatal support and she helped with many different things. I had a trauma during my C Section and she was basically thrown in the deep end as I could not walk for a while. Her support during that time was invaluable. I have also now had a few doulas and I can safely say that Tami is one of the best. Thank you, Tami 
Mrs P 2020
Tami supported me after the birth of my second baby. She is totally brilliant. She slotted straight in like part of the family. Helping with whatever was needed. She brought some much needed calm to the post baby chaos!
Mrs C 2019
Tami was an amazing help to us after the birth of our third son Freddie.  I had a c-section which in itself went fairly smoothly but Freddie was in the NICU for about a week after being born and my husband went back to work the next day.  Luckily Tami was on hand to be there on that first day at home, which made what was quite a traumatic experience very manageable.  It was such a relief to have Tami there to support us as a family in those early days and I'm sure it meant that I was able to recover so much quicker than I did with my first two.  When Freddie was 2 weeks old I was sent to A&E by our midwife due to a concern over his jaundice level.  I wasn't able to drive and so at very short notice Tami drove me there.
Not only is Tami experienced with both babies and children she is a natural homemaker and helped us keep on top of everything which in turn enabled me to focus on getting feeding established and bonding.  She was great fun with the older boys, helping with homework, bath time and making the tricky bedtime routine fun!  I also really enjoyed having her around to chat to, as often the early days of having a newborn can be quite long and lonely.  She was supportive and knowledgeable but in a non judgemental way.  As a third time mother it was brilliant to have someone who was just there quietly in the background helping me feel that I was keeping it all together.  She also makes excellent cakes!!
I would highly recommend Tami as a doula - she is highly experienced in all aspects of childcare and a lovely person to have around.
Mrs W.S 2019
Tami’s emotional support in the early days of parenting was invaluable. She was able to offer advice from her many years experience as a nanny and doula, but was never judgemental or trying to enforce her own opinions. Tami was also great at encouraging me as a mother and made me feel much more confident in my abilities as a parent.
Jackie Cotton, Home-Start 2018
Tami has come alongside families in a non-judgemental way with compassion, care and respect.  This has involved fantastic emotional and practical support for families as they have faced difficulties in their own lives.  Tami has been able to come alongside families to support and empower them to make changes they wanted to make.  All the families Tami has supported have given feedback to say how wonderful Tami’s support has been and the difference it made to them and their family.
Tami has always been reliable and conscientious in all her volunteering with us and has always worked in a highly confidential way.

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