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1. What is your training and experience? 

Trained and experienced nanny, working with newborns up to age 5 years

Trained and experienced postnatal doula providing family care with new born babies

Level 5 in sleep consulting from 'The London School of Childhood Studies'

Level 6 in sleep consulting from 'The Holistic Sleep Coaching Company' trained by Lyndsey Hookway

I have completed courses on nutrition, weaning, first aid, breastfeeding and Austism

2. What methods do you use?

I use many different methods as every baby and toddler has different needs. I never use crying out or controlled crying methods and prefer to look for the cause of the sleep issues, rather than just throw a crying technique at it, which often does not solve the problem. I look at all aspects of your child's life including diet and nutrition, naps, timings, routines, discomfort, settling, child's character, family life and put this altogether to create a bespoke plan with step by step guidance and support.

3. Can I keep breastfeeding during the process?

Yes! I work with many exclusively breastfed babies and there is no need to stop breastfeeding. We may need to reduce feeds, if I feel feeding is adding to wakings, but this will be done very gradually.

4. Will my baby/toddler cry? 

I don't use any crying methods, however quite often when a child receives a different approach to what they are used to , they may cry at first. For example if we are trying to move away from contact naps to cot naps, then they may cry at first when we try a different way of settling. But you will be with your child all the time helping them and of course can cuddle and feed as and when needed.

5. Do you offer a guarantee?

Unfortunately not. I wish I could guarantee sleeping through the night for every child I work with, but children are not robots and there are so many things that can affect sleep including consistency and child's temperament. I do guarantee that I will work my hardest during our time together, to help you achieve your sleep goals.

6. What happens if nothing changes?

Very rarely there is no improvement in sleep and usually this is down to an underlying reason such as an allergy, intolerance or ENT issue. I can usually pick this up and you can see your GP for further advice.

7. Why should I book you over other sleep consultants?

I am very passionate about helping families improve sleep

I have many years experience with babies and toddlers

I have the highest qualification in sleep you can do

I have an holistic approach which allows me to look at everything that may be affecting sleep

I love my job!

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