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Sleep tips

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4 month Sleep Regression

This is the main one you will hear people talking about and fearing! So what is it all about? It can happen anytime between 3-5 months old. Basically it is a change to the sleep cycles and a natural development stage where your baby is learning so many new skills. Your baby's sleep becomes more like an adults and they will experience light sleep, which can mean they wake up fully between each sleep cycle. Some babies don't even notice but others seem to wake more often and are very unsettled. 


Tips to help:

1.Dark room at night

2.White noise to help block out noises

3.Good bedtime routine

4.Prevent overtiredness

5.Try to put your baby down awake

6.Don't rush in when baby stirs

7.Lots of floor play

Loving Child
Bedtime Routine

The bedtime routine is so important in preparation for sleeping and reconnecting with your child before they go to sleep. It doesn't have to be complicated, just a few simple steps that are the same everyday.

My favourite routine is as follows and can be adapted for different ages.

1. Start the routine about 45 minutes before bed, 30 minutes for babies.
2. Make sure you have had some 'silly time' before this to get rid of excess energy.
3. Once upstairs or in sleeping area, stay there and don't bring your child back downstairs again (this can stimulate them too much).
4. Try to keep the lighting low and no screens for at least an hour before bed.
5. A nice warm bath and perhaps a massage afterwards
6. In PJ's, have milk, brush teeth
7. A short story in bed
8. Goodnight 

Sleeping Newborn
Importance of Naps

Naps provide a necessary rest for babies and toddlers so they can recharge their batteries. Regular spaced out naps keep children from becoming overtired, which can affect their moods and behaviour and make it harder for them to fall asleep at night.


Tips to achieve good naps:

1. Check timings and look for your childs sleepy signs

2. a dark room after 3 months old

3. White noise can help

4. Ensure baby is not hungry

5. Try to resettle if they wake after 30/40 mins

6. Use a sling or buggy for naps on the go

7. If naps go wrong, don't worry, just do an earlier bedtime

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